APK Thermal serves those industries that require exceptional performance of heat transfer products. We offer over 25 years of expertise in providing the best solutions for our clients.

APK Thermal is the exclusive representative and stocking distributor of Standard Xchange heat transfer products in the province of Ontario, Canada. We are also the exclusive representative of TITAN Metal Fabricators in Ontario and Quebec, as well as representatives of Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. in the same region.

Standard Xchange, formerly ITT Standard, was established in 1917 and has supplied heat transfer solutions for almost 100 years worldwide. Their products include a a variety of heat exchangers: Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame, Brazed Plate and Air Coolers.

TITAN Metal Fabricators, established in 1998, specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment from corrosion resistant alloys. Their products include heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns, reactors and piping.

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc., founded in 1984, designs and fabricates heat exchangers and pressure vessels focussing on innovative and flexible products and solutions to meet their customers’ needs.

APK Thermal diligently attends to those details that result in superior performance and value. We create the right balance of thermal and fluid flow, meet heat transfer requirements within limited space, and provide efficient equipment at competitive prices. We have the expertise and technical support to solve just about any heat transfer problem and/or meet any corrosion resistance requirements.